9 of the Best Gifts to Give a Summer Bride


She is beauty. She is grace. She is craving that summer embrace. Those dear summer brides are ready to take on their new adventure in the summer season’s glow. Help her celebrate with these top gifts for a summer bride.

Realistically, a summer bride is going to require the same attention and approach as a bride tying the knot any season, but you’ll need to keep some fans on hand because it will be hot.

There is a lot that goes into getting married- the prep, the execution and the cleanup. Whether you are a part of the wedding or a source of love and encouragement for the bride to be, we broke down some ideal gifts for the summer bride in your life.

Gifts to Give Leading Up to the Wedding

Ready or not here she comes down the aisle. The song is slow just like the steps, but the process of getting her down the aisle is swift. Take comfort in the fact that you can help the bride get through the chaos by offering encouragement. This may include your time, kind words or even a gift.

What are the best gifts to give a summer bride? If you are looking for something to give the upcoming bride to make her smile, we have four gift options you may be interested in.

1. Monogrammed Jewelry

Remind her of simpler times. Wedding planning and prep can be stressful. Monogrammed jewelry can be a fun gift to give that has a lot of meaning attached to it. Whether it is the couple's initials or her anticipated last name change, it is a fun sentiment and an encouraging gesture to remind her of what all the work is going towards.


An additional approach involves ALL the maids of honor out there. Perhaps, you and the bride shared matching friendship bracelets growing up. Monogrammed jewelry can be a unique way of reminding the bride that you will be by her side through the process and beyond.

Go the extra step and put the monogrammed jewelry in a personalized bridal box. This can also be an option for the mother of the bride or mother of the groom's gifts. All the soon-to-be hubbies can take notes.

2. Anything “Bride to Be”

You’ve seen it... everywhere. Some think it is cheesy, but that is okay. Even the non-sentimental brides can appreciate the fun of a bride-to-be gift. They are only engaged in a small window of their life. There is nothing wrong with enjoying the process.

These bride-to-be gifts can be found in totes, floppy hats, shirts, mugs and so much more. Getting these gifts early is preferred as they can be used longer. However, the nostalgia truly never has to stop, as happily ever after has no time limit.

3. Framed Engagement Photo

You truly can’t mess this gift up- unless you frame a picture of the wrong couple. That would be bad.

A framed engagement photo is not only a sweet gift. It is a cherished treasure that never expires and can always be appreciated. Surprise the bride on a hard day or just on a random Tuesday with it. It will mean more to her than she will even be able to express.

4. Spa and Wellness Gift

We can all appreciate the gift of being pampered at any time of the year, but those summer brides may appreciate it on an even deeper level. The chlorine damage to hair from the pool is real, and our skin’s moisture suffers neglect from the heat and extra sunshine in the summertime.

Summer is beautiful. The wedding photos are impeccable, but the results of a summer wedding may only be treated by a little T.L.C. for the bride, not just pre-wedding but after.

Gifts to Give the Day of The Wedding

5. Personalized BRIDE Robe

Oh, the personalized or monogrammed robe- it has become a wedding staple. Some brides consider this a wedding must for the bridal party, but not all brides want that extra expense.

This is one great gift option for the bride who isn’t known to splurge on herself. It is a great photo detail, and she can use it for years to come. Be sure the robe you chose has light material, so the summer bride is comfortable sitting in it while getting ready.

6. The Day-Of Wedding Survival Kit

A Day-of Wedding Survival Kit is necessary for brides of any season. If you are a part of the bridal party, it is important to coordinate who is responsible to bring each necessary component of the kit.

The only thing a bride should think about on her wedding day is looking and feeling her best. All brides, especially summer brides, need to be drinking plenty of water and have food on their stomachs before the walk down the aisle. The heat isn’t going to be her friend. Dehydration should be avoided at all costs.

Make it part of the prep. It may seem like a no-brainer, but all the nerves and the chaos can make this more of a challenge than anticipated. Bring some healthy snacks. Fruit is a great option because it is two in one. She may not be able to eat a full meal, but snacks will help keep her feeling her best.

With that in mind, your summer bride's emergency kit should involve lip balm and deodorant (for obvious reasons) and a sewing kit (for any unprecedented mishaps). Additionally, bring a steamer, and add a Tide pen, safety pins and Advil to your summer bride’s emergency kit.

This may not seem like a gift, per se, but your bride will appreciate the thought and effort you put into this. Odds are this may be at the bottom of her priority list, or it may have not even crossed her mind.

Gifts to Give After the Wedding

Sometimes the best wedding gifts come after the big day. It gives you the opportunity to get creative after having seen the big picture. It helps preserve the love and memory of the day. The wedding day is typically a blur to most couples. They get pulled in several different directions to greet guests and take all the pictures. Post-wedding gifts help remind the bride and groom of the small moments that make love last.

7. Wedding Vow Art

It is safe to say that wedding vows are some of the most special, most vulnerable and most meaningful parts of a wedding day. This is the one part of the whole day where you get to see (and hear) the couple's love exchanged in the most beautiful way.

Gifting a piece of this moment to a bride and her groom is undeniably impactful. You may have to get strategic with how you get the copy, but it is worth the detective work to see the result.

8. Wedding Invitation/Photo Frame

Another incredibly meaningful post-wedding gift for the newly hitched Mr. and Mrs. is a framed wedding invitation and wedding photo duo. This is a gift that is given a month or more after the wedding day, as it takes time to get wedding photos back.

Nonetheless, this gift is well worth the wait.

If you are not one to show up empty-handed to a wedding, these post-wedding gifts also make great anniversary gifts without losing their impactful punch.

9. Flowers to Welcome the Couple Home

It doesn’t matter if it is pre-wedding, the day of the wedding or a welcome home from their honeymoon, flowers make the perfect summer bride wedding gift.

There is a reason why flowers play such a vital role in a couple’s big day. They express individuality, tie in a theme and draw in eyes to the meaning and mood of the love in the air.

If you are looking to highlight a summer bride or need an extra opinion on a wedding gift this summer, let our wedding connoisseurs at Awesome Blossom serving Roseville, CA, help do the heavy lifting for you.

There are so many important things to recognize and acknowledge about a couple’s big day. The right wedding gift can do just that.

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